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The Quests Creation Kit is a strong and easy to use Quests and Storyiline Builder.
It gives you all the elements to quickly build in your game both simple or really complex quests in your game. It can handle an entire storyline with secondary quests that can also evolve into mini-storylines having any type of quest possible.

Different objectives to complete:
– Goto: Player or NPC reach a location
– Speak to: Speak to a NPC (Simple talk or specific line)
– Kill: Kill a NPC
– Kill Multiple: Kill a list of NPCs
– Interact With: Interact with an Interactive Object and select what action to do.

Dialogue System:
– Easy to use and very powerful Dialogue System.

Events System:
– Add/Update quests and apply Consequences to develop your quests and your storyline from every scripts.

Consequence System:
– Add, Modify and Destroy every world element at runtime.

Player Choices:
– Evolve your quests by following a straight line or let the player choose, every choise can differently evolve the quests/story.

– Basic NPC logic, follow paths, attack the player or other NPCs if they perform some actions, reach the player to talk with him and react to the world trough Consequences.

Interactive Objects:
– Create objects with the player can interact to for evolving your quests by appling Events.

Quest Logs & Journal:
– Keep track of all the active quests with the active and completed objectives. Everytime a quest is updated display on the screen an alert.

Two types of Puzzles that must be solved in order to apply Events:
– Lever Puzzle: Guess the correct combination of levers position (Up/Down/YourTypes) to solve the puzzle.
– Buttons Puzzle: Press the buttons in the right order to solve the puzzle.

Source Code, Demo and Models Included:
– Demo with a lot of situation covered, quick models & animations for prototyping your quests and Source Code included and heavily commented

Heavily Documented:
– Everything explained, from how to use the elements to how to expand the code.

Platform Independent:
– Tested on: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, WebGL and UWP.

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