XML Multi Language System



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MLS (Multi-Language System) is a solution that allows you to have how many languages you need for every type of text inside Unity, starting from a simple text to 3d texts, dropdowns options, textes inside the buttons, whole dialogues, quests etc.

In the package is included a dynamical “Alert Message” system that works with MLS, to really give you all you can need.

The system works with XML files, an important and usefully thing is that you can have those files that contains the textes locally (stored on the computer) or hosted on the internet. It’s absolutely your choise, and for switch it you only have to one click a flag. You can also combine both solutions.

There is no limit of the amount of languages you can add, and adding a new languages will take you just few minutes. Also, there is no limit of the amount of the texts you can insert in the XML file. The Language Manager “travels” in every scene, that means you’ll have the language you selected, for example in the options, for every scene existing in your project, and you can change the language from any scene and see the results applied to every scenes. Adding/Modifing texts will take you few seconds, and you can do it whenever you want without have to touch anything but the interested text from the XML file.

The documentation will provide you huge explanation on how the system works, how to add new texts and also on how to add new languages with step-by-step tutorials. Source code is included with huge explaination of all the functions

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